❝ Rodrigo and I were hired at the same time, and advanced through different positions as time went on. With amazing customer service and technical skills,

Rodrigo started out as one of our group’s top support agents before quickly moving up to becoming a team leader. As a team leader, Rodrigo showed exemplary management skills and became the person that everyone could go to for advice of any kind. With excellent teaching skills and incredible attention to detail, Rodrigo was then picked up by our training team where he began working on a complex platform with a steep learning curve. Not intimidated by the software, he built up our group’s first training platform and on-boarded new support agents with great care. Rodrigo has amazing customer service skills; and technical skills. His knowledge of how servers communicate and function, ability to manipulate and understand HTML and various errors on our back-end system, and ability to beta-test complex mobile applications in addition to his incredible interpersonal and management skills have made him an ideal training specialist, manager, and coworker.❞

Rodrigo, has been very active in managing the Tier 2 support. Actively involved in improving the quality. A true asset

Omkar Thatte – H Media

❝ We all found Rodrigo to be energetic and resourceful, and willing to do whatever is necessary to produce an effective product.  He is also extremely friendly, and very easy to work with: he eagerly incorporated our suggestions, and often produced clever extensions  as well.  He speaks effectively ­­ easily able to communicate his points. Thanks to his  maturity, he fit in extremely well into our team (of professors, medical doctors and grad  students); so well that many times I forgot that he was not a grad student.
In short, this promises to be an EXTREMELY successful project, thanks largely to  Rodrigo’s tremendous abilities, skills, and dedication.❞
Dr. Russ Greiner – Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning

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